Why Unique Nepal Adv. Treks & Exp. Pvt. Ltd.?

Government Approved Trekking Company:

Unique Nepal Adventure Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is leading by energetic, educated, a dozen of years field working experienced trekking guide as started since 2000, dedicated, skillful qualified person’s. It is authorized by Nepal Government. Our services are tours, treks, mountaineering, and many activities for Nepal, India, Tibet & Bhutan. Our motto is to make satisfied and provide the best quality services in regional cost. We lead all overal with a full board package.

Allied With Government & Private Tourism Organizations:

Government organizations:

Private Tourism organizations:

  • TAAN trekking agencies association of Nepal
  • NMA Nepal mountaineering association
  • KEEP Kathmandu Environmental Educational of Project
  • NATTA Nepal Association for Tour and Travel Agents.

The Best And Oriented Services: 

We do provide the best services in regional cost.  Our team as Guide and Porters are Educated, honesty, dedicated, experienced and kind. We respect our clients as tourists are our God & Goddess. Our Motto is to make satisfied to our valued clients. We try our best and oriented services.

50 % Returned Visitors and 75% Recommended Clients: 

50% of clients are returning visitor who has done the trek with us already and they do trek different routes. and, 75% visitor comes through recommended who have visited already with us.

Experienced dedicated stuff as CEO, guides & helpers:


Unique Nepal adventure treks & expedition’s CEO who has been involving in tourism since 1998 has got vast experienced in the tourism sector because a dozen of the year did Nepalese expert trekking guide and got chance to visit all over Nepal every hook & corner. It has made so much familiar every Nepal touring, trekking a well as more activities. We have been operating a remarkable Nepal program as trekking, touring, peak climbing, rafting, jungle safari, paragliding, bungee jump, canyoning, mountain flight, ticketing, hotel booking according to clients required any program arrange honestly & nicely as well as provide qualities service and expert, informatics, well trained first aid knowledge’s trekking guide. We always want to provide excellent services to our clients. Our motto is to make satisfied to our clients. “Come as guest goes as a friend” we want it. We have a slogan “Atithi Deva Bhava” It means guests are God. We always want to provide excellent and satisfying services to our clients. We share lots of information about Nepal with our clients according to their questions.


All of our guides have born in the base of mountain regions where they used to walk up & down and work in teenagers around the age of 12 to 18 then have moved to Kathmandu to sick for the opportunity of studies or employment. Then since the age of above 18, they join in trekking guide before guide if they are qualified, capable they must do a couple of year porter then will upgrade to be guided. All of our guides are many years experienced, the government trained license holder, fluent in English and some extra languages like French, Germany, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc who can explain more detail about Nepal, provides best & honest services, first aid trained fluent acquaintance as well as international knowledge and qualified trekking guides who have been serving very nicely and most of the clients are very satisfied and have left positive feedback’s. All of the guides are very experienced about Nepalese cultures, natures, flora & faunas, mountains as well as place to place. They are so familiar with every trekking route.


Porters are very professional because they used to carry heaviest loads easily when they were in their birthplace. Porters have visited all over the Nepal trekking region and very professional they can carry easily client’s bags as well as assist very warmly. They have warm enough trekking gears and strong enough to carry clients’ luggage. We have very professional porters they have been every trekking region. Porter is very honor and strong. They never feel tiredness and laziness always very active and strong. They always walk with groups as well as they will like to assist clients’ handbags when clients get a problem.


While traveling to the land of Himalayas, safety precaution and safety trips are very important as it would give you tension free travel and experience. Why Unique Nepal Adventure Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd? Your safety and comfort are extremely important to us. That’s the way we maintain the highest quality of services, proper acclimatization, to upholding the most conscientious hygienic standards while preparing meals more safety record stands as the finest in the guiding industry. This is not simply a promotional statement but authentication to our conservative nature when it comes to decision making. At our every trip, we do have the best experienced and qualified guides, experience supporting team, genuine equipment, and safety precaution as per the required on the trips you would be joining with us. We provide to our guides first aid kid bags, take High altitude Gamow Bag and Oxygen as per the trips required, our leaders are trained to judge the altitude problems and they are familiar and knowledgeable with altitude sickness, trained first aid guides thus you are very safe while joining our trips even if any emergency conditions arise as we have a safety precaution for these conditions. Well, Unique Nepal Adventure Treks & Expedition Pvt Ltd provide expert, quality guides who will take care & explain properly about Nepal and everything means our guides are extremely qualified. Every trip will be safe as well as every comfort. The guide will explain every day’s program and trail situation. You must listen at guide brief time and must follow according to our expert trekking guide. Obviously, your trip will be an amazing tremendous and safe as well as delighted trip.


Unique Nepal Adventure Treks & Expedition customer care is second to none. Our slogan is Atithi Deva Bhava- means Guests are Gods. Guest safety, satisfaction and well being are the topmost priority for us. We’re well aware that there is only one reason why we are still growing in our business after all this time: it’s you, our valued clients. When you book with us we take care of everything – from carefully designing itineraries for proper acclimatization to upholding the most scrupulous sanitary standards in food preparation. We offer up-to-date pre-trip information, use only the best lodges, customize itineraries to suit your interests and cater to any dietary requirements.

Our care is not only very professional but also very personalized thus every individual on our trip is cared for and looking after by our experienced team for easy and comfort trip.

It’s our customer cares which prominence us among travelers throughout the world thus we have many travelers joining our trips every year. See what our customer says about us. You may visit our testimonial.


Nepal is an underdeveloped country, it is very needed to have a responsible tourism approach for the welfare to the community, minimize the environmental impact, preserve the nature and locals, social responsibility, increase the involvement of locals to at tourism for economic sustainability that’s how the peoples, areas can be benefited at maximum. We Unique Nepal adventure treks & expedition is fully aware of this thus are we have fully committed to adopting responsible tourism to the areas we visit. Our responsible tourism policy aims to ensure that Unique Nepal Adventure Treks and its clients act in a way that is socially, environmentally and culturally sound. As guests to the areas we encounter, we recognize the magnitude of our environmental and cultural impact. It is therefore extremely important that our groups adhere to the “Leave No Trace” travel and camping techniques in passing through local and foreign lands. We endeavor to be the role models for those around us and hope that our principles can contribute to awareness and change to develop responsible tourism.


Unique Nepal Adventure Treks offers several convenient payment options. A non-refundable deposit (alternatively you can pay full amount) of 20% of the total trip amount will be charged whilst booking your trip and the rest will be paid upon your arrival in Kathmandu. For this deposit can be made by Bank wire transfer or by Card (Credit, Master, and Visa only). Upon receipt, we will initiate the reservations and invoice you when all hotels, tours, and transportation have been confirmed.